Quality Assurance

Qualiy Control Measures In Production Cycle

A series of quality control measures, tests, random and sudden inspection and implementation of our quality assurance policies give us confidence to supply top-notch quality products and provide assurance of high quality, competitive pricing and on time delivery of goods to all our customers who enjoy the growth of their business with the products that we supply to them. There is great deal of detail in each process which is being not mentioned in order to keep it simple and precise. The following detail is an overview of the quality control procedures taken during the production of gloves.

Tech Pack Development

The production of our products is carried out according to the tech packs developed before the start of production and distributed at the time of production order issuance.
These tech packs contains all the relevant information for an order from material selection, purchase to the shipping of the goods. Some major contents of tech packs include:
- Order information - quantity, size, materials required, delivery deadline etc
- Technical information - artwork for checking, instructions for color & printing, sizes etc.
- Quality control parameters - instructions about quality control criteria applied and test needed
- Packing instructions - packaging material, printing and size of cartons etc
- Shipping instructions – documents checklist and customer requirements and order deadlines.
The tech packs are delivered to relevant departments before the production and fully implemented during the production process.

Material Selection

One of very important aspect of quality control is our strict criteria of material selection for all our products. Every material has to go through initial inspection by our quality control department each time before the purchase.
Profile of all types of material is maintained by purchase department which always in search of best and new materials for the products. A library of approved samples is also maintained for quick and effective reference.

Material Procurement

The next most important step is material procurement at affordable rates from reliable sources without compromising on quality, consistency and aesthetic appeal.
A minimum level of stock of material is also kept in the stores with systematic grading techniques of each material types and qualities. Some material may be required to be purchased and the purchase department deals with that matter smartly and timely applying all possible sources to get raw material.

Material Receipt & Inspection

The material is inspected at the time of arrival in the factory and on second time when it is issued to production. Every activity is documented on duly approved forms and documents including initial quality control inspection.
The quality control checklists have been developed for every material. Quality control inspection and tests are carried out by our quality control inspectors who have been empowered to accept or reject any material according to the quality criteria required.
In house quality control laboratory tests as well as outdoor quality test, when required, are carried out by the quality control department. The quantities of material are also matched with approved samples of material at this juncture to check the level of quality of all inputs.


The cutting is started after getting material and approved pattern or die of gloves from the library and after fulfilling all the internal procedures that are there to make sure correct and timely cutting of material. The material cutting is started and completed under the strict supervision of experienced cutting supervisors as per the order requirements. Latest and modern techniques and machinery is used for cutting different kinds of material.

Special Process

Our in house designing department draws the designs of all products. If embroidery, embossing or printing needs to be performed on any model, the approved designs are used in this process to control any wrong use or placement of customer requirements.


The material bundles that contain the material required for stitching a glove is handed over to stitching department. These bundles are distributed to stitching workers who have been provided with top stitching machines and accessories for producing finest quality of gloves.
The production lineman and quality control inspections keep strict eye on stitching. The fit, strength, size, material placement and other characteristics of gloves are checked and controlled with the help of tech packs.

Final Inspection

In production operations, strict inspection and quality control measures are taken to maintain quality and regularity in production and the product. Each and every step is controlled, checked, evaluated and reported to the concerned authorities.
A strict final inspection is carried out before the packing in order to maintain the compliance of internal quality control criteria and customer requirements.


Properly marked cartons, boxes and other packaging of right size and material is used to reach final destination without loss of or damage to the goods. The right way of placing and correct quantities of goods are checked, counted and recorded systematically and reported by quality control department.


We believe quality assurance isn’t about just production of goods but also providing on time delivery without loss of or damage to goods. Our shipping and export department starts making arrangements right after receiving the confirmed customer order.
The export department is assigned to book goods on well reputed sea and airlines which have safest and fastest routes. Quality inspection of export and shipping departments and arrangement is carried out to make mistake and error free export documentation.

Customer Services

Our quality assurance doesn’t end here. We provide full customer services relating to any aspect of our gloves and other products. We guarantee the quality of all our products and work closely with our customers in improving the product quality and satisfying the requirements of our customers.

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